12. sep. 2010

Dedicated to a friend overhere

Since i promised my friend from America to write an english add I am definetly doing it. So if any grammar or anything is wrong then just let it go. Cause right now it is night and i have had couple of drinks so, but not that i am drunk though.

So what have I been up to the last couple of days. The most important thing is probably that i finaly got a car. That was kind of a big deal for me cause now I feel more alive, or what you say. I just feel that I can go where I want without thinking on a bus that goes maybe one  or two times every hour and dosen't stop near my place during the weekends. So i can actually buy food now without walking half an hour up a pretty steep hill or having someone driving me. If feels nice to be independent again. But I am actually starting to getting used to staying here. This morning I went running and if I am gonna make that hill downhere (like all the way up in one run) then I will find myself being in better shape than when i left Denmark. So thats my new goal (or at least one them). I still have a lot of other things on my todo list that I have to achieve before comming home.

So what have I actually been doing. I have been to two movie theaters, so i finally got to see Inception. Pretty good movie in my opinion but I wanna go see it again. Then last day I went to a town called San Clemente. Like a really surfer town. The first thing you see when you get off the freeway is cars with surfing boards inside or on top of the cars. So after being at this store where Morgan (one of my Neighbours) bought a wetsuit we went to the beach. It is kind of funny overhere cause I think that the beaches are very alike but at the same time very different. It is kind of that some of the beaches fit in to what you see in the movies whereas the beaches in the area called La Jolla is more unlike the movies. It is hard to explain, so I'll just keep it this way. Or maybe not - the beaches in La Jolla is more rocky whereas the beaches in Pacific Beach, Mission Beach and the one in San Clemente is more like a Baywatch beach (or kind of). You know like the long wide beaches with waves and all that. The funny thing about San Clemente was however that you could'nt drive to the beach (or at least we did'nt find the road that would bring us there) so you would have to walk like a mile or two just to get down to this very deserted  (don't know if thats how it is spelled) beach. But we did and on our way we went under the railroad (where the pacific surferlines go - the one that can take you up the cost to LA and further norht) and the railroad was litteratly at the beach. Kind of cool eventhough it is kind of falling apart so they where working on maintaining the railroad.

I funny cause I have all these experiences overhere and today it just crossed my mind that I have actually been living in my new place for a week. And that is kind of weird cause sometimes the days go bye really fast and sometimes they don't, but most of the time they do. But I am beginning to like being here and I am just exited to start school now to see how that goes.

Another funny thing is that american people are nothing alike - or at least I think that you can find all kind of americans. I have lived in two places now and it is kind of two very different places with different people. I don't think that I am able to explain it, but thats just how it is. But i like both places and I keep in touch with the people from my first place. And tomorrow I think that we are going BBQ'ing there, so that will be nice. At least Jeff and I are, but maybe the two other girls like to join. Who knows. But now I should probably go to sleep instead writing this English add, cause it probably has a lot of errors in here, and I am not gonna read it before I add it to my blog. So have a nice sunday at home... my sunday is up in like 6 hours or something (or it already started but the nights dosen't count ;).

And by the way - congrats to Mary with here silver medal :)

Cheers everybody..


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  1. En stor omgang på udenlandsk. Nå men det går jo godt kan vi forstå.
    Hyg dig inden du skal til at kkæmpe om studiepladserne.
    Knus fra os